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NO PENS… NO PAPER… NO CHEATING… It’s the iQuiz Smartphone Pub Quiz.


The iQuiz system has changed the way people now approach a pub quiz. Gone is the slow pace, old-fashioned pen and paper. Gone is the cheating and the daunting days of marking question sheets. That now, is all a thing of the past.


We can now provide the very latest Smartphone Quiz night for your venue. We can construct rounds for special occasions, corporate events or out standard general knowledge nights. These can have a twist in them too to ensure losing teams don’t go home early, but continue to stay and purchase beverages as they can still win in the last round!















How it works;


This is a quiz that is played on a Smartphone. Every team wishing to take part in our event needs to have access to either an Android device or iPhone. If you don’t have an Android device or iPhone but do have access to a tablet, then you can still play! Some examples of a tablet would be;


Galaxy Tab


iPad Mini

iPod Touch

Kindle Fire

We would recommend a maximum of 8 players per team, all 8 can use the same device. Once you have decided who is going to play, you can choose a team name (trust us, we’ve heard them all!). You will then log into our system using the app (thus disabling your internet access!) and play the quiz by answering via your Smartphone/Tablet.

A little bit about us

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Paul Fairclough being assisted by Neil Morrissey at the Plume of Feathers



The iQuiz attracts all ages from the teens to the eighty year old silver surfers